“I was born on 25 July 1988 in Batibo,  but my father, a retired secondary school  teacher and mother, primary school teacher,  hail respectively from Menchum  and Santa in the North West Region. I’m  the fourth of my parent’s five children.  Besides table tennis, a God-given talent,  I’m a 5th year medical student in the  University of Buea.”

Table tennis

“For the past three years, I have not lost a  match in the Singles event in Cameroon. I  have consecutively won the Cameroon  Cup and championship title in 2017, 2018  and 2019. On the international scene, my  star is yet to glow for some reasons. I don’t  have a coach and a sponsor, and lack  appropriate training gadgets, inter alia.  According to the International Federation  ranking, I’m the best ranked (328)  Cameroonian (men’s version) of all time.”  Secret  “Passion, hard work, discipline and commitment  have been the keys to my successes  so far.”


“Blending sports and studies have not been  easy for me. I love medicine, but table tennis  has had a toll on my academics. I’m not  in the best of relationship over this situation  with my parents, who had suggested I  concentrate on studies and graduate as a  medic in record time. But I also love table  tennis. God is in control.”  Likes/dislikes  “I like to eat rice and stew with chicken,  to play video games and to swim.  Discrimination against a weaker person is  what I dislike seeing.”


“2020 will be my year of breakthrough.  My wish is to set a record when  Cameroon hosts the African table  tennis Cup.”