Having as one of its main economic activities fishing, Idenau attracts many. As not only tourists come, but foreigners have settled in the area for business. Its climate too is an attribute.

Found on the foot of Mount Fako by the North, to the south border is a long stretch of beautiful sandy coastline. Idenau is a touristic jewel. With its 16km2 surface area, Idenau is one of the major business places of the South West Region. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, makes Idenau a hub for large scale fishing which has greatly attracted foreigners from neighbouring Nigeria, Ghana, Mali and Togo, who come for business.

Idenau’s nearness with Limbe has even given more value to the variety of fishes caught by fishermen as vendours sell to tourists who visit. The equatorial climate of the area equally attracts many. One of the West coast constituents happens to be … Debunscha, which is the rainiest place in Africa. The favourable climatic conditions has improved the growth of food and cash crops such as palm oil, cocoa, cassava and plantains. If you are fan of summer tours, visit Idenau.